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Candidate search

This page displays an alphabetical list of the candidates for the Chamber of Representatives and Senate elections. Click on the name of the candidate to go to the preference votes result.

The Kingdom






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decoration Candidate Sex
Sex of the candidate: male (M) or female (F)
Candidate for the Chambre (C) or the  Senate (S)
List T/S
The candidate is titular (T) or substitute (S)
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 Abbach KhadijaFRESIST TDutch electoral college  
 Abezik NourdineMRESIST TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Abou Jahjah DyabMRESIST TDutch electoral college  
 Abou Jahjah DyabMRESIST TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Absisan ZaquiaFMARIA TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Acar NebahatFCD&V TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Adam GhislaineFFNB TConstituency of Namur  
 Adam GhislaineFFNB SConstituency of Namur  
 Adam JoséMRWF-RBF SConstituency of Namur  
 Adam JoëlMF.R.A.N.C.E. TConstituency of Liège  
 Adam MiekeFLIB. APPEL SConstituency of West-Flanders  
 Adler AliceFMARIA TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Adriaensen GustMsp.a-spirit TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Adriaensen NestMN-VA TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Adriaensens LutFMARIA TConstituency of Leuven  
 Aelbrecht FreddyMBUB-BEB TConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aelbrecht FreddyMBUB-BEB SConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aelbrecht KellyFBUB-BEB TConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aelbrecht KellyFBUB-BEB SConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aelvoet MagdaFAGALEV SDutch electoral college  
 Aelvoet MagdaFAGALEV TConstituency of Leuven  
 Aernouts MarjanFLIB. APPEL TDutch electoral college  
 Aernouts MarjanFLIB. APPEL TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Aers WilfriedMVLAAMS BLOK TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Aerts AgnesFsp.a-spirit TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Aerts AnnaFVIVANT TFrench electoral college  
 Aerts AnnaFVIVANT TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Aerts DeniseFVLD SConstituency of Limburg  
 Aerts FridaFN-VA TConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aerts MoniqueFLIB. APPEL TDutch electoral college  
 Aerts MoniqueFLIB. APPEL TConstituency of Limburg  
 Aerts MoniqueFAGALEV TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Afzaal MohammadMPCP TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Agneessens JohanMVLD TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ahidar FouadMsp.a-spirit TDutch electoral college  
 Ahrouch MyriamFNOOR SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ahrouch RedouaneMNOOR TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ahrouch SabahFNOOR SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ait Ahmed AbdelatifMRESIST SDutch electoral college  
 Ait Ahmed AbdelatifMRESIST TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Ait Hammou SamiraFRESIST SConstituency of Antwerp  
 Alami FathiyaFECOLO TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Albayrak MehmetMPH-HP TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Albert Jean-ClaudeMMS TConstituency of Walloon Brabant  
 Albert Jean-ClaudeMMS SConstituency of Walloon Brabant  
 Alboreto DominiqueMRWF-RBF TConstituency of Liège  
 Alens-Impens CathyFVLAAMS BLOK SConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Algoet SergeMFN TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Algoet SergeMFN SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Allard ChristineFNATION TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Allart Jean-MarieMMR TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Alleman JorisMVIVANT TConstituency of West-Flanders  
 Alleman NatachaFPS TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Almaci MeyremFAGALEV SDutch electoral college  
 Almaci MeyremFAGALEV SConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Alvarez SergeMRDS-PC TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Amand AndréMCDH SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ambrosio DavidMPTB TConstituency of Liège  
 Ammi MalikaFMS TConstituency of Walloon Brabant  
 Ammi MalikaFMS SConstituency of Walloon Brabant  
 Amouzou AdjoaviFMS TConstituency of Namur  
 Amter KristienFVIVANT SDutch electoral college  
 Anciaux BertMsp.a-spirit TDutch electoral college  
 Anciaux BertMsp.a-spirit TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Ancion AmandMCDH TFrench electoral college  
 Ancion WilliamMCDH TConstituency of Liège  
 Andre EricMMR SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Andree SoniaFNATION TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Andree SoniaFNATION SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Andries AnnemarieFLIB. APPEL TConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Andries AnnemieFLIB. APPEL SDutch electoral college  
 Andries PascaleFPC SConstituency of Hainaut  
 André WillieFPTB TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Annane JihaneFMR SFrench electoral college  
 Annemans GerolfMVLAAMS BLOK TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Anseeuw StéphanieFVLD SDutch electoral college  
 Ansoms JosMCD&V TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Anthuenis FilipMVLD TConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Antoine AndréMCDH SConstituency of Walloon Brabant  
 Antoine VéroniqueFBELG.UNIE-BUB TConstituency of Leuven  
 Antoine VéroniqueFBELG.UNIE-BUB SConstituency of Leuven  
 Antonio GeertMN-VA TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Aras DirkMVLAAMS BLOK SConstituency of Hainaut  
 Arckens ErikMVLAAMS BLOK SConstituency of Hainaut  
 Ardiclik HavaFPS SConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
 Arena MarieFPS TConstituency of Hainaut  
 Arens JosyMCDH TConstituency of Luxembourg  
 Arets FranceFPC-RDS TConstituency of Liège  
 Arkob KhalidMRESIST SConstituency of Antwerp  
 Arrais JaminaFRESIST TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Artels HansMLIB. APPEL TDutch electoral college  
 Artels HansMLIB. APPEL TConstituency of Leuven  
 Arys WilliamMVIVANT SConstituency of East-Flanders  
 Aubry Jean PolMMDT TConstituency of Liège  
 Aussems HubertMP.D.A. SConstituency of Liège  
 Avijn PhilippeMAGALEV TConstituency of West-Flanders  
 Avontroodt YolandeFVLD TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Awoust OlivierMCHOPE TConstituency of Namur  
 Awoust OlivierMCHOPE SConstituency of Namur  
 Aynaou NajyhaFCDH SFrench electoral college  
 Azdad BrahimMMS SConstituency of Namur  
 Azzuz AhmedMRESIST TDutch electoral college  
 Azzuz AhmedMRESIST TConstituency of Antwerp  
 Azzuz AhmedMRESIST SConstituency of Antwerp  
 Azzuz AhmedMRESIST SDutch electoral college  
 Aârab MohammedMPCP TConstituency of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde  
Alphabetical: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ
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